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Cyrus Shepard,

#SEOForLunch is a go-to SEO newsletter that makes me look smart. Each week it delivers valuable new content I didn’t know was there.

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Marie Haynes

Owner, Marie Haynes Consulting INC

I really look forward to getting Nick’s newsletter each week. Not only does he give me important articles to read, but I like that he adds his thoughts on each SEO topic as well. It’s a quick read and informative.


Paul Shapiro

Global Director, Technical SEO at Condé Nast

There are so few SEO newsletters I subscribe to and I’m very selective about them, but SEOForLunch is a no brainer.


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  • Owner of Nick LeRoy Consulting

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  • Father to twin girls & one boy

  • Die-hard Minnesota Vikings fan

  • Does NOT like peanut butter

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